How to communicate aboard royal Caribbean cruises

How to communicate aboard royal Caribbean

About to embark on a cruise aboard Royal Caribbean cruise? The anticipation that we go through when we are about to go cruising can be overwhelming, however, issues of safety, comfort and what not, may get in the way.

One such issue that we may have to address is how we are going to communicate whilst aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruises.

If you are thinking about how you can communicate onboard a cruise ship, then you are at the right place.

There are a few options you can use when you when cruising aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

It is not a problem if we decide to adopt more that one of the solutions that will be talked about in this article.

First option and best option is to use walkie talkies.

Bringing walkie talkies to use onboard is the best option as it doesn’t rely on internet connection or apps for it work.

The only restriction for walkie talkies aboard Royal Caribbean cruises, is that, no more than 5 watts of power on walkie talkie is permitted.

Most of the walkies that you can purchased off the shelf or bought off of Amazon or EBay (for that matter) does not go beyond 5 watts.

This is a best option that has a few setbacks, walkie talkies can be noisy if you don’t have an earpiece for it, apart from that, walkie talkies have longer battery life on a single charge and does not need an internet connection to work.

Walkie talkies are the best method of communication onboard any cruise ship.

Second options is to use Royal Caribbeans messaging app

Cruise liners offer its customers (Royal Caribbean cruises included) apps that can be used for communication, with these apps everything can be done.

When you get aboard Royal Caribbean cruises, they will offer you to use their messaging app, this is can be a good option provided that the internet stays on.

With this app, you can chat and video message.

The only drawback to this is that it needs internet to work and also needs to be installed and configured.

Third option is to use Zello

There’s a popular free app that uses the internet for communication called Zello. Zello can be a very good alternative if you want to communicate aboard the Royal Caribbean cruises.

Drawback: It needs internet connection.

Fourth option is to use plain old Facebook

The last option is to use the regular Facebook messaging app, Messenger.

You can always go back to the popular Facebook messaging app, however all these options apart from the first option relies on an active internet connection.

So to conclude this article on how you can communicate onboard Royal Caribbean Cruises, the best communication option is to use walkie talkies as it does not rely on an internet connection and can have longer lasting battery compared to internet based solutions such as the Royal Caribbean messaging app, Facebook or Zello.


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