Do walkie talkies work on a cruise ship?|Guide for cruisers

do walkie talkies work on cruise shipsIf you are asking this question, chances are that you have an upcoming cruise that you are preparing for and you want to find out if it will be worth it to bring your walkie talkies onboard to use it to communicate during the cruise.

On a huge cruise ship with many levels and rooms out in the sea, cell phones will definitely not work unless it’s a satellite phone, so the best method of communication on a cruise ship will be walkie talkies.

If you have watched movies or if you have been on a ship, you’ll see ship crews using walkie talkies to communicate on a ship, so obviously, walkie talkies do work on a cruise ship.The principle of physics that involves radio communication allows for radio communication to take place everywhere, even in space.

Radio transmission is simply the taking of acoustic voice converting it to electrical energy and sending it at the speed of light in every direction, it is received by radio devices on the same frequencies.

These electrical energies can travel through space, water, air and anything that it comes into contact with.

So to give a simple answer for your question, yes! Walkie talkies do work on cruise ships.

There are some limitations in cruise ship communications using walkie talkies, however.

Cruise ships have thick metallic walls that makes it hard for radio signals to freely travel about on cruise ships.

So with that said, you will be able to use your walkie talkies on cruise ships, however, there will be static on the farthest end of the cruise ship from where you are.

Consumer grade walkie talkies that are available on Amazon works well on cruise ships.

So if you are planning to use walkie talkies on your next cruise, do get yourself a walkie talkie from Amazon.


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