Are walkie talkies allowed on Carnival cruise ships?

Walkie talkies on carnival cruise ships

If you are looking to find out if walkie talkies are allowed on the Carnival cruise ships, then this is the right place to get your answer, read on.

The best way to communicate aboard Carnival cruise ships is walkie talkies, its free and also hassle free.

You maybe wondering if walkie talkies are allowed to be used by passengers on-board.

The answer to your question is, yes! Walkie talkies can be brought and used on Carnival cruise ships.

As with all cruise ships, they permit passengers to bring in two radios for their personal use, however there are a few limitations to the kind of devices that may brought into the cruise.

What’s not permitted onboard

Walkie talkies with more than 5 watts of operating power


Ham radios

Wide band receivers

Satellite phones

When buying walkie talkies, they will advertise their wattages on the packaging and no more than 5 watts is allowed onboard.

The reasons why Carnival cruise ships and all other cruise ships place limitations on the kind of devices that are to be brought in, is that it may interfere with the ship’s radio communications devices.

Included in the list of prohibited items are EPIRBS.

EPIRBS are emergency beacon devices that are designed to switch on and broadcast its location when it hits the water.

EPIRBS are not allowed as they may alert the Coast Guard that the Cruise Ship has an emergency when it doesn’t.

So, there you have it, Carnival Cruises allows their passengers to bring in their walkie talkies.

Since using walkie talkies onboard helps with communications, there will be interferences from other devices since a lot of other passengers will be using the same.

Since, most consumer grade walkie talkies will be using the 462 to 467 MHZ, there are bound to be a lot of interference from other devices who will be transmitting on the same frequency.

The solution to this is to use a privacy code, it’s like a sub-channel that you could use to get away from everyone else (transmitting).

Heck, you could even listen in to the crew, talking and doing their job and you’ll also be able to hear some cool radio codes being thrown about by the captain and the crew members.

If you are looking for an alternative to walkie talkies, then the Carnival Cruise ships provides cruisers with their app which for $5 a day, you could chat and video call.


So, to conclude with this article, walkie talkies are allowed to be brought into Carnival cruise ships and you will also be able to hear other people conversing on the same channels, as most walkie talkies will fall into the same range of frequency.

On the other hand, ham radios, wide band receivers and satellite phones are not allowed to be used onboard let alone brought in.



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