Best projector for projection mapping – Buyers Guide 2019

best projectr for projection mapping

It is simply the use of projectors to project onto non-flat surfaces using normal projectors as a form of creative arts. 

Projection mapping is sometimes known as “spatial augmented reality

It provides a more engaging experience in a corporate event or a normal event in terms of display, it is like a decoration with the use of lights

Projection could be done onto a car or a building with your designs, projecting all sorts of geometric shapes.

A simple projection mapping setup is simply taking a box and projection shapes and design on to it.

The best projectors for projection mapping are usually short throw projectors with alot of lumens, resolutions and contrast ratio

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p 3,100 lumens projector

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 has 3,100 lumens, it is really bright, and can be used for projection mapping during the day. Users have of this projector have a good time projection mapping as their projection is quite bright and stands out even during the day (colors are not washed out).

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is a Short-throw 1080p projector that can project upto 300 inches of images, that is large enough to cover a large wall with your projection. 

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 with its high-performance capability, it also portable and light weight and would make it easier for you to set up outside or wherever you may take it.

With the performance capability that demands projection mapping, this projector can cater for that.

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is one of the best projector for projection mapping.


  • Resolutions:                      1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p)
  • Operating distance:        Upto 6m
  • Image projection size:   300 inches
  • Ports:                                   2xHDMI ports
  • Brightness:                        3100 lumens
  • Contrast :                           15000:1


Clear image


 Light weight



No sound output jack (HDMI audio extractor is to be used)

Loud fan

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ViewSonic 1080p Projector with 3500 Lumens (PX700HD)

The Viewsonic PX700HD, at first look, this projector is tough and bulky and it is heavy duty.

The Viewsonic PX700HD provides full 1080p resolutions at 3500 lumens, that’s a lot of power packed into a small device, although not really the most portable projector that one can buy, it is the best projector for projection mapping.For your projection mapping, you will need one that is capable of short throwing.

The Viewsonic PXT700HD is a good short throw projector.

With 3500 lumens Viewsonic PX700HD is really bright and will work flawlessly in daylight without being drawn out.


  • Resolutions:                         Full HD (1920x1080p)
  • Operating distance:                     
  • Image projection size:         300-inches
  • Ports:                                     HDMI, USB
  • Brightness:                           3500 lumens           
  • Contrast :                              12000:1                        



Short throw projector


  Loud fan


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BenQ MH535FHD 1080P DLP Home Theater Projector, High Brightness 3600 Lumens

At first look, the BenQ MH535FHD, this projector is clean and pleasant looking and as BenQ is renowned for IT products, this is one of their good products.

The BenQ MH535FHD has 3600 lumens, this is more than enough for your projection mapping.

The BenQ MH535FHD has quite a good amount of contrast, since high contrast is greatly appreciated in projection mapping this projector is highly recommended.

Contrast enables dark parts of the projection to standout when it is being shown with really bright parts of an image.


  • Resolutions:                            Full HD (1920x1080p)
  • Operating distance:                     
  • Image projection size:         300-inches
  • Ports:                                     HDMI, MHL, USB
  • Brightness:                           3600 lumens           
  • Contrast :                             15000:1




Sharp image

High contrast


 Speaker has low volume.

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Things that I should look for in the best projector for projection mapping:

Brightness, more Lumens please!

Projection mapping is not like the normal projection where you project onto a white screen or background, a lot of the times, you would be projecting onto a different colored surface of background with a surface that’s not so smooth hence the need for really bright projectors so that your projection can stand out.

You will most of the time, be projecting in rooms will a lot of light, that’s why, its really important to have a projector that’s really bright if not, your projection will be faded and weak.

It is advisable that you get a projector with a lot of lumens, the more the better.


Different people will have different budgets for buying projectors for projection mapping. The best budget or amount for projection mapping will fall into the mid-range with that said it is best not to buy really cheap projectors as they will not be as bright for projection mapping.

Buy a projector that’s mid ranged or higher as pricey projectors work well for this purpose.


The best projectors for projection mapping will have a lot of resolutions, a 1920×1080 pixels, should give a good output image in terms of clarity.

A good resolution will give a clear image when you are projecting animations and colors, get a projector that has a resolution of higher than 800 x 600.

Short throw projectors

If you are a small-time projections mapper, a short throw projector will suite you. Short throw projectors do not need a lot of length or space from the projector to the wall.

The projector can be placed closer to the object that you will be projecting onto.

If you have a lot of space from the projector to the projector screen, it is best you get a long throw projector.

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