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how far can walkie talkies communicate

What walkie talkie should I buy?

best long range walkie talkie

If you are looking for a walkie talkie to buy, the walkie talkie type that you should buy, will depend on the application.

If you are buying a walkie talkie for hiking, you best get one that has a good range on it.

If you are going for a cruise, check out our guide on that, the best walkie for cruise is one that can penetrate steel.

How to use a walkie talkie?

To use a walkie talkie, simply turn it on, tune it into the channel that the other person is tuned into, press the push to talk button, you are good to go, release the push to talk button when done.

One person can talk at any one time, so after speaking, always say “over”, this is to let the other person that they talk now.

Which walkie talkie is the best?

There is no “best walkie talkie”, it all walkie talkies were made differently for different budgets and applications. All walkie talkies have varying strengths in terms of range or power, there is no walkie talkie that will outperform all the rest.

What walkie talkie channel should I use?

I have written an article on which channels to use and not to use, check it out here

 How far can a walkie talkie reach?

When choosing a walkie to get, you will notice that the makers will advertise ranges from 10 to 35 miles for non-licensed consumer walkie talkie. This claim is not true, most walkie talkies will get up to 5 miles on good condition, that is with unobstructed, line of sight view.

 Can a walkie talkie pick up cb?

Walkie talkies uses frequencies between 460 to 470 MHz range and CB radios use the 27 MHZ frequency, because they don’t come into contact with each other, in theory, walkie talkies cannot pick up CB radios.

 Can a walkie talkie be traced?

Walkie talkies can be traced via methods of triangulation, the FCC (authority that looks after radio communications) can track down walkie talkies who are using channels illegally through triangulation.

 What are walkie talkie privacy codes?

Walkie talkie privacy codes, also known as sub channels are codes that you can set on your walkie talkies so that only you and the other person can listen to each other, it filters out other people transmitting on the same channels. It is a privacy code not an encryption code, anyone can dial into your privacy code,

 What walkie talkie has the longest range?

The farthest a typical consumer walkie talkie can go, is from 1-5 miles depending on if its line of sight, good weather, humidity etc.

 Will walkie talkies work on a cruise ship?

Walkie talkies will work virtually everywhere you can think of, even in space (it works better in space). Using walkie talkies on cruise ships has some challenges by the way

Since cruise ships has steel structures, walkie talkie signals have a hard time penetrating them, but they still work.

 Which walkie talkie app is the best?

The best walkie talkie by far is the Zello walkie talkie app, it has millions of users worldwide, you have to install the app, create an account, and you are good to go.

With internet connection, you can use it just like a walkie talkie even if the internet connection is really slow.









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