Making use of the Noaa weather alerts on cruise ships

noaa weather alert

A lot of off the self walkie talkies comes with the NOAA weather alert feature which should be useful for you when you are using where, in this article, we will be discussing about making use of the Noaa weather alerts on cruise ships

knowing the weather is crucial to your well being and safety during your activities.

This feature will be useful when out hiking, cruising, sailing or just out in the wild.

The Noaa weather alert system, alerts you of the weather condition every hour, this will help users plan their activities ahead of time and also steer clear of bad weather that could be approaching.

Noaa weather alert system is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it gives out weather update on a regular basis to users that are tuned in.

When out at sea cruising, you can tune into the NOAA weather using your walkie talkie.

To use the NOAA weather alert system, scan through the channels and lock onto it, when the journey is under way, you could periodically listen in to the broadcasts to get an idea of what the weather will be like.


Although your safety onboard a cruise ship is guaranteed as the crew and captain are well trained to keep you out of danger, you could still listen in to the weather update just so that you could be update on the weather.

Big cruise ships also have weather systems of their own that can track cyclones and bad weather in general, they might as well be listening in to weather updates coming from Noaa weather alerts, who knows.

Furthermore, although you are relying on the captain and officers of the ship to keep the ship out of bad weather, it’s also nice to keep tab of the weather at sea, having an idea of what the weather will be like is nice as you can also plan your activities in advanced.

Noaa weather alert will lose reception ones the cruise ship gets a few kilometers away from land where the Noaa signal towers are.

Making use of the Noaa weather alerts on cruise ships is a must do on your next cruise




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