How to get walkie talkies on the same channel

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Heres how to get walkie talkies on the same channel.

With walkie talkies being a good solution for places where cell phone coverage is not available, it is a good idea to have two walkie talkies to sync with each other so that they can communicate, for same brand walkie talkies, it will be easier, but for two different kinds of walkie talkies.

If you have a big team with one half having a Uniden walkie talkie and the other half having Ansoko walkie talkie, wouldn’t it be best that you have all the walkie talkies talk to each other?

Before you even try to get them both on the same channel, make sure that they have a good battery and are turned on and ready to transmit, this saves time from trying to figure out what’s wrong when the solution was as simple as turning them both on.

If your walkie talkies are of same brands it’s simple (or were bought together, as is many cases), all you have to do is to set them both on the same channel, this can be done with the knob on-top, set the channels on the same number.

As an example, you could set them both on channel 2.


This will also work with different brands two-way radios, but sometimes it still won’t, here’s why.

Continuous Tone Coded Squelching System (CTCSS) is preventing the other walkie talkie from playing the other transmission because it doesn’t have the same encoded tone with the transmitting party.

CTCSS is mechanism that encodes a transmission with a tone, the receiving walkie talkie will only play the transmission if the encoded tone is the same, this way, it validates that the transmission is intended for that two-way radio.

Make sure that CTCSS is disabled, this allow through all transmissions.

Make sure that the other walkie talkie is within range, sometimes if you are unable to communicate with the other walkie talkie, that you could be having range problems.

How to get walkie talkies on the same channel.



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