About me

I am Noah pursuing a degree in Computing Science who loves tech stuff, grew up having the love for radios, walkie talkies, machineries, computers, trucks, engines.

I used to have a pair of walkie talkies which I bought for a little over $25 dollars, this was where I began to dive into the details of electronics, I had one of those Dick Smith do it yourself books where you’d create little projects from scratch like doorbells, intercom, flashing lights and sirens.

That introduced me to resistors, capacitors and soldering.

That was where I really got myself crazy for electronics and later got my start in computers.

I am well versed with all sorts o electronics, Android phones, windows OS’ed devices and Linux based devices, GPS’es, Radar, Fish Finders.

I am also a small-time penetration tester with the use of Kali Linux, Ubuntu.

If you need, coverage on any topic, do head on over to the contact US page.

I can write on any topic that’s techy.

This website is dedicated towards providing the best reviews for products possible, not only good reviews more importantly, honest reviews.

Welcome to Technologyplusinc.






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