Using the Zello walkie talkie app on a cruise ship

Having a way to communicate on board is crucial to a stress-free cruise where you won’t have to worry about the safety of your friends and family members during a cruise as your whereabouts are known all the time.

Walkie talkies themselves have limitations onboard a cruise ship, because they struggle to transmit because of the thick walls of ships, in this case, a good alternative is to use Zello.

Invented by Alexey Gavrilov this popular app is must have for cruising. The Zello walkie talkie app has hundreds and thousands of users, it is really popular that it’s even used in riots to co-ordinate the crowds.

The Zello is a software/app version of the traditional two-way radio that we all know of.

Most cruise companies provide internet freely to their customers, which can be made use off with Zello as means to keep in touch with your family throughout the cruise.

To use Zello, all you have to do is sign up on their page, install the app on your phone, tablets or laptop and you are good to go.

You also can set up zello for group chat, where one user will speak at a time and the whole group will listen.

This app is near perfect as it only has a few seconds of delay which is quite good if you ask me.

You can even playback the last transmission with this app.

Zello will work with even the slowest internet connection. Although Zello is a walkie talkie app, it still needs internet connection inorder to work, that is the only downside to this push to talk communication app.

So, to conclude off this article about Zello walkie talkie, this is the best walkie talkie app that you can use on cruise ships.

Cruise ships also provide their passengers with apps for communications which are paid, Carnival cruises charge $5 a day for passengers to use their chat app.

That’s $5 you can save if you use a walkie talkie or a walkie talkie app like Zello.

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